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The LOAN that keeps on giving...

"Empower people around the world with

a $25 loan."

Kiva explains...

What is Microfinance?

To learn more, visit:

Muhammad Yunus...

...the founder of the Village Bank, Grameen and the practice of providing microloans to entrepreneurs living in underserved parts of the world with no access to traditional banking services.

Click on picture for information on Nobel-prize winner Yunus

Watch this video introducing the United Nations Global Goals...

...our microfinance work with supports these goals.

For more info about the U.N. Global Goals, visit:

One Hen by Katie Smith Milway

"Empowers kids to become social

entrepreneurs who make a difference

in the world."  

To learn more, visit:

Special thanks... Bill Ferriter @plugusin and Kristen Goggin @gogogoggin for all their great ideas and resources!

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