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KIVA & micro-loans...

We'll be researching countries across several continents, exploring, and educating our school community about this global microlending site.

APRIL 2020

Mapping and researching our KIVA Loans. TO LEARN MORE, click on any KIVA logo pin on this map!

Kiva Club re-invests Kiva loan repayments...

Our involvement with Kiva and microlending continues!! Students from both Social Entrepreneurship classes have voluntarily met over lunch time several times to learn about their Kiva loan repayments and to choose NEW Kiva borrowers to re-invest in.

Our 6th grade Social Entrepreneurship students are enjoying this opportunity to make a continuing impact on the lives of Kiva borrowers around the world by investing in their businesses and helping their families.

NOVEMBER 2019...

MARCH 2018...

MARCH 2017...

MAY 2016

APRIL 2015

2nd Trimester Team KIVA Lending Profile for March 2016

Access our Kiva Team SCH Loan profile page and check status of borrowers and loans HERE and use access information below to sign in:


PASSWORD: Lookitup247 

Check out our first trimester Team KIVA Lending Portfolio from December '15 here:

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